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Binational (cross-border) doctorate


The Cotutelle procedure enables a doctorate degree to be awarded by two universities acting together in different countries. In principle such an agreement can be concluded with a university in any country. The degree is based on a single research project completed at the two universities in question. The cross-border doctorate does NOT imply that two doctorates are awarded on the basis of a single research project.

Supervision by two university professors, one in Germany and one in the partner country, means that the candidate must engage closely with the academic system and research culture of each country. This forms the basis for an intercultural qualification that goes far beyond mastery of a second language and knowledge of the country concerned. It is, therefore, expected that a cross-border doctorate will boost its holder’s chances on the national and international employment market.

The website of the German University Rectors\' Conference provides comprehensive information on cross-border doctorate agreements. If you are interested in such a procedure, please contact the Doctoral Degree Examinations Board of your faculty or department at UW. They will provide you with further information, as well as with the inter-university agreement forms required for each Cotutelle project.

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