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Services offered by the University of Wuppertal

Gastaccount for email and internet

The Centre for Information and Media Processing (ZIM) may grant a guest account to persons who are neither employees nor students of the university. The guest account entitles the holder to use the services of the ZIM within the University of Wuppertal.

Further information and the online application can be found here.

Benutzerberatung (user support): For the support with computers and services of the ZIM as well as the university network, the ZIM maintains a regular support service for its users under the direction of the student staff in the User Support Office (T.11.04, Telephone 3295) from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

German evening courses

The German courses offered by the Language Learning Institute (Sprachlehrinstitut) give you the opportunity to discover a country, its people and their lives. Based on selected topics and classroom activities, you will be introduced to German language and culture and to various facets of student life in Germany and Wuppertal in particular here.

Guest pass

As an international researcher or guest lecturer you can obtain a guest pass for the low-cost use of the Mensa and the cafeterias of the Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal (HSW) for the duration of your stay at the Bergische Universität.

The guest card will be issued by the International Office on the Grifflenberg campus, Gaußstr. 20, Building O, Level 06, Room 14d. For this purpose, please present a form signed by your supervisor at the Bergische Universität, which will identify you as a guest researcher.

University library

With the consent and letter of the supervisor, you can apply for a library card with which you can borrow books free of charge.

Eating and drinking at the university
In the friendly atmosphere of the eight cafeterias and campus restaurants at the University of Wuppertal, a large selection of affordable, healthy and tasty food and drinks is offered (Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal [HSW]).
University sports (Hochschulsport)
The Hochschulsport of the University of Wuppertal is open to all members of the university and offers a wide range of sports from aerobics and fencing to Zumba. vielfältiges Sportangebot von Aerobic über Fechten bis zu Zumba.

In addition, the BergWerk fitness centre offers top-level strength and endurance training. Further information can be found here.

Psychological counselling

Employees of the University of Wuppertal find support in difficult work and life situations. Further information can be found here.

Contact: Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Britta Marfels
Phone: (0202) 439-2999
Room: M. 11.01

Family office

A special task for everyone who studies, does a doctorate or works with a child is the compatibility of university and family. In order to achieve this, the Family Office offers various possibilities to help parents combine studies, career and family and advises university staff on all questions of family care.

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