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Eating and drinking on campus


Bergische Universität Wuppertal has eight dining halls, cafeterias and restaurants on its various campuses. They serve a wide selection of healthy, tasty and inexpensive food and drink.

Your Bergische Universität guest ID card entitles you as a visiting international scholar / university teacher to discount prices at these facilities.
The ID card is available from the “Akademisches Auslandsamt” / International Office on main campus (Gauss Str. 20, Building O, Floor 06, Room 13. Please bring the form confirming your status, countersigned by your Bergische Universität supervisor or host.


Eating and drinking in Wuppertal

You want to eat out, or are looking for a quiet café or interesting pub? Wuppertal has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés. Click here for further information.
You can buy inexpensive food at ALDI or PENNY, Wuppertal also has Asian, Italian, Turkish and Russian supermarkets, and many other stores and small shops where you can buy international food and ingredients.


Eating and drinking in Germany

You will soon notice, when you travel through Germany, that eating habits change with the landscape. Each region has its own characteristic food, and there is really no such thing as ‘German cooking’. Traditionally, Germans have eaten hearty meals with big helpings of meat and potatoes – indeed Germany is among the world leaders in potato consumption per head. And Germany is also known worldwide for its many different types of bread. But healthy eating is ‘in’, and all major towns and cities have health food stores or supermarket counters. In the wake of globalization you can buy food from virtually all over the world and enjoy a panorama of international cuisine in all major centers.

Traditionally the main meal is eaten at midday (12-2 p.m.). The evening meal is then usually a cold snack that may consist simply of bread and butter with sausage meats and/or cheese. However, more recent work and living patterns have led many people to eat their main meal in the evening.
Breakfast generally consists of bread, a roll, or toast with honey, marmalade, sausage meat or cheese. Muesli and cereals with milk, fruit and yoghurt (or other milk products) are also popular, as is a hard or soft-boiled egg. Customary beverages are coffee, tea, fruit juice, cocoa or milk.

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