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COVID-19 virus

Dear international Partners and Students,

Regarding the recent developments concerning the COVID-19 virus, we regularly update our information on the status of the situation in Germany, specifically the cases in Wuppertal and the Bergisches Land region.

Like many European countries, Germany has experienced a growing number of COVID-19 infections in the past days. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), there are 179.002 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany (as of Mai 26th, 0:00am), 37.395 of them are in the state of NRW. As the city administration confirmed today, there are now 913 people in Wuppertal who are infected with COVID-19. According to current knowledge, these persons are not related to the University.

We would like assure you that our Ministry and the authorities of the university take very seriously their responsibilities to ensure the safety of the whole academic community.

This is accommodated by the following measures:

  • The University is following the guidelines of the RKI and the State Health Ministry. Updates are communicated continually to our students and staff by internal notices, on our Website and via social media
  • The university is significantly cutting back on its service activities. The necessary precautions in the Corona crisis make it necessary that in many areas only the really important services are maintained ("minimal operation"). Daily updated information will be given on our website 
  • All personel consultation hours are closed, information via email and phone is still possible
  • Our campus accommodation will remain open and continue to provide an excellent service to students in the event of an escalation
  • The operation of shopping malls is reduced. (food-delivery option is possible)
  • All event and leisure facilities such as cinema, sports club, night clubs etc have to close in Germany from Tuesday, March 17th
  • The borders to France, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark are closed from Monday, March 16th, 8:00 am

SemesterStart summer term 2020 – a hybrid semester

Due to the corona crisis, the start of classes at universities has been postponed to 20 April throughout the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.  The semester will initially start as an online semester. 

The University of Wuppertal is preparing for a hybrid semester, i.e. we will start the lecture period exclusively using digital and e-learning formats and hope that, by the end of the semester, it will be possible to hold classes requiring physical presence such as laboratory training again in some areas. Obviously, this will be subject to future decisions by the state government and the further development of the corona crisis.  

Teaching staff (including contract lecturers) have therefore been asked to design their courses in such a way that they allow teaching and learning processes and examinations to take place remotely wherever possible - if necessary over the entire semester. This also includes the structuring of in-depth self-study phases. 

Please be assured that university management and your teaching staff will do everything possible to ensure that you continue to be able to achieve your qualification and that an extension of your study period is avoided as far as possible. This requires a flexible design of the courses and examinations offered in the summer semester. The legal basis for this is currently being created at state level. 

Important: The lecture period still ends on 17 July. 

Every student is encouraged to check the university's website and and the own student web account  on a regular basis.  

During so-called basic operations, the University communicates on separate pages for the sake of clarity:

Further information about actual administration rules and the Covid-19 in Wuppertal can be found in the Wuppertal city newsletter in german or english

We are preparing contingency plans for distance and remote learning should the University need to close. The objective of the University of Wuppertal is to safe its staff, students and the general public. So please rest assured that their interests remain our most priority.

We will keep you informed about any changes concerning the situation at our institution and we remain at your disposal if any questions remain and to offer support regarding anything that you may need at this time. Please do let our team know if you have any questions and icenter{at}

We wish you every good health and hope that we all remain healthy and well during this time.

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