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Visible behavior and invisible values


Understanding the relation between visible behavior and the values that underlie it is a basic element of intercultural competence. Match the invisible value (column 1) with the visible behavior that best reflects it (column 2) by writing the correct number (from 1 to 6) in the answer box (column 3).

invisible value


visible behavior



1. straightforwardness / openness    A. Missing work in order to go to a cousin's funeral.      
2. family    B. Openly disagreeing with a colleague's suggestion at a meeting.      
3. saving face    C. Not firing an elderly employee whose performance has weakened.
4. respect for age    D. Visiting a colleague every morning to chat about things unrelated to work.      
5. interpersonal relations    E. Openly agreeing at a meeting with a suggestion you think is wrong.      
6. awareness of time / punctuality    F. Often arriving late because you were held up talking to someone.      
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