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Time planning

  • Keep all appointments that you make with Germans. Inform them as soon as possible if you are going to be late or cannot come. Dates, deadlines and appointments are taken seriously in Germany. To ignore this is unacceptable and can lead to conflict.
  • Make an appointment if you want to talk to someone. Don't just start discussing your business when you happen to see them, otherwise you may disturb them, or be sent away because they have no time. Instead, simply say "I'd like to discuss this matter with you. Can I do this now or would a different time be better? If so, when?"
  • Take the agenda of meetings seriously. Make sure any matters you want to discuss are put on the agenda for the appropriate meeting.
  • Arrange dates and times with Germans in everyday life, for private visits, meetings, and invitations – just like you do for business matters.
  • When you have an appointment with a German, he or she will give you their whole attention. Now they do have time for you, and it would be very impolite to occupy yourself with something else. This holds for both business and private meetings.
  • Don't expect Germans to be particularly flexible. They like doing things in an orderly way, and may often say "Not so fast. One thing after another."
  • Don't expect Germans to be willing to change decisions that have once been made. Make sure your ideas and suggestions are properly discussed during the planning phase.
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