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From university to profession

If you are about to take your final degree or doctorate examinations and intend to prepare for a professional career either in your home country or in Germany, you will find important information and advice from the following sources:

  • Starting a career in Germany – information for international graduates
  • University Central Student Advisory and Counseling Service – Careers Service (only in german)

Alumni Portal Deutschland (APD)

APD is an international information and mutual contact platform for graduates from German universities and companies and organizations interested in cooperation and networking with a view to employment and career openings. The Internet portal is run by five organizations with long experience in international cooperation: InWent, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Goethe Institute, ZAV, and AGEF.

Center for International Migration and Development (CIM)

As the HR agency for German development cooperation projects, CIM integrates specialists and management personnel in local organizations in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern and South-East Europe and provides additional salary. CIM is a joint working group of the German Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Central International Specialists Agency (ZAV) – the international arm of the Federal Employment Agency. The Homecoming Specialists Program (PRF) provides supplementary salary and other financial assistance in 23 partner countries to specialists returning home after university training.

EURES – portal for professional mobility

The EURES network provides information and advice, as well as an agency platform, for employees, employers and the general public interested in exercising their right to mobility. EURES is a cooperative network established by the European Commission and the public employment administrations of the EEA member states (EU states plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), along with other organizations. Switzerland also cooperates with EURES, which currently deploys more than 700 advisers. EURES websites contain employment and training offers from 31 European countries, CVs, lists of interested applicants, information on living and working abroad and much more.

Interpool Personnel

As an international HR consultancy Interpool Personnel recruits, connects and trains people in the international employment market. Whether in Germany or worldwide, in global players or medium-sized companies, we follow our customers and jobseekers wherever they move in pursuit of international growth.

Homecoming Specialists Program (PRF)

PRF is a development program supporting the professional integration of homecoming specialists from developing and emerging countries, whether returning direct from university in Germany or after a career start. As well as information, advice and networking, the organization provides financial assistance and employment contacts both in Germany and in the countries concerned. The program is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and run in cooperation with CIM, AGEF and WUS.

Central International Specialists Agency (ZAV)

As the international arm of the Federal Employment Agency, ZAV offers information, as well as advisory and recruitment services for employers and jobseekers. The agency website focuses on professional opportunities abroad and in the EU, but also provides information about non-European countries whose residence and employment regulations provide the preconditions for applications from German specialist and management personnel. ZAV also provides information about university and other professional training in Europe. Together with the German Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) ZAV forms the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM), which runs the Homecoming Specialists Program in cooperation with AGEF and WUS (see above).

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