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International Office


The International Office is an administrative unit of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal / University of Wuppertal It manages the international affairs of the university and is actively involved in the processes of internationalization taking place throughout the university. It organizes, coordinates and promotes international relations and partnerships and is responsible for all international aspects of university studies and teaching.
The International Office informs and advises prospective and current university students, academics and researchers across all university faculties, as well as non-academic staff and visitors to the university. We welcome your inquiries at any time.

Tasks and services

  • advice on initiation, formal establishment and funding of international university cooperations as well as of individual study and teaching projects
  • management and coordination of international university partnerships
  • information and advice on scholarships and funding in Germany and abroad
  • information and advice on visits abroad (guest lectureships, study abroad, internships and work placements, preparation of final examination theses, academic excursions etc.)
  • organizing and accompanying international visits and delegations to Wuppertal in cooperation with university faculties
  • assessment of international educational certificates and diplomas
  • information and advice for prospective international students at the University or in Germany
  • admission, administration and support services for international University applicants
  • organization of introductory sessions and events, intercultural training, and acclimatization programs for international students
  • international university marketing.

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