Welcome to the University of Wuppertal. We are very happy that you are thinking of studying in Germany and have contracted us at University of Wuppertal. For information on all University degree programs please visit here.

If you have gained your university admission qualifications outside Germany - i.e. if you do not have a German Abitur or university degree - you must apply for a place at University of Wuppertal via the Aplication Service for International Students, uni-assist (please note the exeptions to the uni-assist application procedure!).

Download your application form from https://www.uni-assist.de/online/ and print it out. Then complete the form, sign it, and sent it with all necessary certificates and other documentation to

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
c/o uni-assist e. V.
11507 Berlin

For your application to be processed by uni-assist, you will have to pay a fee as follows:

  • for one application, or for the first of several applications: €75
  • for each additional application for admission to a different university in Germany: €15

For all questions for application procedures please contract University of Wuppertal International Office. The International Office and Central Student Advisory and Counseling Service provide personal advice and information during their daily opening hours.

International applicants who already have a Bachelor degree from a German university and are interested in a Master program or who already have a Master degree from a German university and are interested in a Doctoral study should not apply via uni-assist but direct via the Master degree examination board or the Doctoral degree exmatination board and afterwards at the International Office. The application form for a Master program you will find in our Download Center, the application form for a Doctoral study you will find in our Download Center (both are only in German available).

Application deadlines:
for the summer semester: 15. April
for the winter semester: 15. October

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